Every element of making ministry go on can have its own challenges. Over the last while, one of the main challenges we’ve had is keeping our printing setup going. 5 months on, we still don’t have an eta for the container that is en route to us, carrying the printers and ink we so desperately need for printing the comic books that go along with the financial literacy training materials we’re busy releasing. That, in turn, means we’re still printing black and white versions of the comics, which, while useful, just aren’t as gripping. That relies on our Risograph functioning properly. But it’s raining here, with 100% humidity, which is making the paper feed terribly through the Riso. Oh, and the clutch decided to give way. So, needless to say, in printing land we’ve been struggling! 

Still, we’re making progress. Tomorrow we’ll finish up collating and binding 2500 copies of the notes for module 7 of the financial literacy training, and as those begin to be distributed across the country, that will be 2500 people more learning about banking. 

Now we’re working on printing another few hundred copies of the Global Pathways book (Njia ya Kufikia Mataifa) to facilitate training that Go To Nations missionaries are coming to do in June. When we finish that, there are several more projects waiting. If the machines will just keep working!

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Jeremy is the Director of Operations at Pamoja Ministries. When he's not updating the budget, communicating with future recruits, or producing a tv series, he'll be at home hanging out with his amazing family, or out riding his bike across the Simanjiro plain.

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