The Puppy and The Pastor

For quite some time, we’ve had 3,000 copies of The Shepherd’s Staff in our warehouse that we knew were intended for pastors across Kenya, going out through a series of conferences being held by a particular church group. But for various logistical reasons, they have stayed in the warehouse until a week ago Friday, when pastor James was finally able to arrange to come to Arusha to pick them up.

Loading a truck with copies of The Shepherd's Staff to distribute.

Jeremy and James loading 3,000 copies of The Shepherd’s Staff for pastors in Kenya


Of course, as is often the case, he arrived while I was trying to work from home and babysit 12 children whose parents were all having a meeting.

We introduced ourselves, and as we began talking, I had an opportunity to share with Pastor James just what we do here at Pamoja.

He came, intending to leave with 3,000 copies of The Shepherd’s Staff to distribute, but he found much more. We talked about the past and the future, and as I was sharing our vision for children and youth ministry, James got excited. So excited, in fact, that he made a donation and has now gone back to Kenya aiming to raise even more!

As it turned out, afternoon turned into evening, and instead of sending him off to town to look for lodging, we arranged for him to stay here at Pamoja. We shared a lovely evening together, and then turned in for the night, promising not to wake up too early on Saturday morning. Well, I thought he had really really slept in – our day (with small kids) had started and long since moved on past breakfast with no sign of him. So, I went out to look and lo and behold, he was sitting in his car. As he had come out, Raha, our guard puppy (6 months old) had noticed him, and seeing a stranger, had decided to bark at him. He in turn had headed off to the safety of his car – unable to get to our house.

Raha sleeping.

The Guard Puppy

Once I rescued him, the day progressed much better. The truck came, and was loaded, and off they went back to Kenya. We await news of the seminars and know that there will be many lives transformed through the ministry.

But for me, the lasting thought (besides the thoughts of the puppy and the pastor) is just how deeply moved Pastor James was by the vision we’re heading towards, and specifically by the goal we have of producing ongoing television shows for kids. We’re discipling cultures through media.

All's well that ends well. Pastor James prepares to head off to Kenya with the books.

All’s well that ends well. Pastor James prepares to head off to Kenya with the books.


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Jeremy is the Director of Operations at Pamoja Ministries. When he's not updating the budget, communicating with future recruits, or producing a tv series, he'll be at home hanging out with his amazing family, or out riding his bike across the Simanjiro plain.

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