It’s in the (e)Mail

If you didn’t get that email from me, I am very sorry. Working in Africa provides an additional layer of complications to the average work day. Our Internet connection leaves much to be desired. Because of the extremely low bandwidth (from 0.1KB/s to 10.0 KB/s is normal), using the Internet at Pamoja Ministries can prove to be quite a frustrating activity. Browser pages often fail to load or load partially; online email such as Google mail may or may not load at all. Sent emails frequently disappear into the land of cyberspace, never making their way to their rightful recipients. We resort to all sorts of extremes to try to succeed in getting mail, downloading computre updates, and uploading pictures and news. That is the bad news.

The good news is that a high speed fiber optic cable has been laid along the eastern African coastline up to Kenya and Tanzania, with Kenya being the first to connect. Tanzanian coastal cities such as Dar Es Salaam are now connected, and it is hoped that high speed service will be extended into the interior of the country. The question now is when this new service will be available locally. We hope and pray that it will be soon, but until then we continue to find creative ways to work around our Internet challenges. Until that day, if you don’t hear back from us, please try again and understand that if there was a better way to connect, we’d be doing it.

About Jeremy Feser

Jeremy is the Director of Operations at Pamoja Ministries. When he's not updating the budget, communicating with future recruits, or producing a tv series, he'll be at home hanging out with his amazing family, or out riding his bike across the Simanjiro plain.

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