Looking at Success

What would the world look like if we were successful? In what ways would our vision change the world? These are useful questions in evaluating a vision, so here are a few of our thoughts:

If Pamoja were to succeed…

… the best media in Africa would glorify God and engage the culture. The Church would be called to action, and African church leaders would move to the forefront of theological education. Conversations of leaders under a tree in the Congo would be as knowledgeable and meaningful as conversations of leaders in the West. A new wave of African-born thoughts about God, relevant to the problems of Africa today, would rattle the world’s views of l ife and lead to a fresh wave of Kingdom growth.

If Pamoja were to succeed…

… waves of children and young people looking for answers would come knocking on the doors of Christians, led by their hearts and what they have seen in the media. The next generation of young Africans would grow up with a picture of success, believing there is a hope for a better future. They would live lives of integrity and they would expect the same of their leaders, politically and spiritually. Current and new leaders would rise up to believe in and fight for change. African media and the arts would be able to flourish at home. New styles and stories would rise and the world would notice!

If Pamoja were to succeed…

… the Gospel would occupy a place of primacy in people’s lives and faith would be transmitted throughout society by leaders in every walk of life. The world would hear and believe a better story from Africa than the story of failure. Hope would spread like wildfire, “And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.” Romans 5:5 (NLT)

If God is calling you and you respond, Pamoja will succeed!

If Pamoja were to succeed, Africa wouldn’t be the same. The world wouldn’t be the same. Will you change the world?

About Jeremy Feser

Jeremy is the Director of Operations at Pamoja Ministries. When he's not updating the budget, communicating with future recruits, or producing a tv series, he'll be at home hanging out with his amazing family, or out riding his bike across the Simanjiro plain.

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